The Coalition for Marriage launches claiming to be the silent majority

A new group, comprising most of the organisations opposed to marriage equality, was launched today.

The Coalition for Marriage was announced on the thirteenth anniversary of the Howard Liberal government amending Australia’s marriage act to exclude LGBTI people from being able to wed.

Claiming to be ‘The Silent Majority‘ and ‘The Underdog‘ in the debate, the group encourages others to join up and defend the marriage act.

The group describe the upcoming postal survey on whether gay and transgender people should be allowed to marry as a referendum on freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the Safe Schools anti-bully educational program.

News of the new super-grouping of religious and family groups was announced by News Corp journalist Miranda Devine in her newspaper column.

Devine said the coalition includes groups including The Marriage Alliance, the Australian Christian Lobby, Sydney Catholics and Anglicans and 70 other organisations and faith groups, including the Australian Chinese for Families Association, and Christian Schools Australia.

The columnist said the group, who claim to be have the majority of Australians of their side, will face a David and Goliath battle in the upcoming campaign about marriage because pro-marriage equality groups have the backing of large multi-national companies.

OIP Staff

Image: Gianni Scognamiglio

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