Coalition remain silent on free vote

Rodney CroomeThe Coalition have neglected to even discuss the notion of a free vote on marriage equality, despite Labor leader Bill Shorten introducing a historical equality bill just yesterday in parliament.

Over 1 million emails have passed through LNP offices, professing support for a free vote on the issue. Recent polling, particularly in safe LNP seats, also reflects the changing views of Liberal voters.

Polls conducted in four critical Coalition seats revealed over 60% of people in the electorates of Capricornia, La Trobe, Lyne and McPherson support a free vote on marriage equality, while less than 21% of people in these areas oppose the movement, leaving the rest undecided on a position.

“The community is growing increasingly impatient with the Federal Government for not dealing with a free vote on marriage equality”, says Rodney Croome, director of Australian Marriage Equality (pictured).

“The Government’s criticism of Bill Shorten’s stand for marriage equality is undermined by its failure to debate a free vote and show a path forward on the reform.”

Leigh Hill

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