Conversion, hate speech and law reform top priorities in election survey

National LGBTQIA+ advocacy group just.equal have released results of their recent survey ahead of the state election here in Western Australia.

Respondents to the survey have ranked tackling conversion practices, anti-vilification protections and law reform to improve the lives of trans, gender diverse and intersex folks as their top concerns.

Removing special religious exemptions for faith-based schools and altruistic surrogacy also appeared as areas for government action.

Approximately 325 people engaged with just.equal’s recent policy survey, with 68% of respondents identifying as male, 24% as female and 7% as non-binary.

Commenting on the results, WA’s just.equal spokesperson Brian Greig said support for transgender and intersex protections ranked more highly with female and non-binary respondents.

“It’s clear from these results that our community feels strongly about a range of issues, but currently conversion practices attracts the most passion and altruistic surrogacy less so.

“There is also broad support for trans and intersex reform, while last year’s unacceptable comments from Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas about transgender people has thrown a spotlight on WA’s absence of hate-speech laws.

“The overall message is that our community recognises there is much reform to embark on in 2021 and we expect our political leaders to respond in the next term of parliament.”

In early December last year just.equal wrote to all WA Party leaders seeking policy positions and reform commitments on six key areas of LGBTI+ concern.

With only a few days left until the polls on Saturday 13th March, WA Nationals and The Greens have responded to just.equal’s correspondence. Neither major party has answered the questions.

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