Court considering lodging equal opportunity complaint against Lotterywest

Margaret Court has told The West Australian that she’s considering taking out an equal opportunities complaint against Lotterywest after the funding body declined an application to buy a new freezer truck for the charity arm of her Victory Life Church.

The Lotterywest board decided not to provide funding to Victory Life, instead provide funds to other providers who deliver services to the homeless and people in need. Lotterywest said it had policies support inclusivity and equality.

Reverend Court has claimed that the organisation was told it would not be funded because of her strong stance against same-sex marriage. Over the year the tennis champion turned religious leader has made a series of statements that have been deemed offensive by many LGBTIQ+ people. While Reverend Court has been a vocal opponent of allowing same-sex couples to wed, she has also criticised rainbow families, transgender children and suggested tennis was being overtaken by lesbians.

Speaking to The West Australian Reverend Court said her freedom speech was being was bring was being denied and she was being persecuted for her beliefs.

“I’ve never been allowed to say things without being persecuted for it and I think it’s always they thought it was the other way, and I believe it’s time for that to stop and I should be able to say what I believe.” Reverend Court said.

The Australian Christian Lobby has voiced their support for the Pentecostal church group, with WA director Peter Abetz calling on Premier Mark McGowan to sack the entire Lotterywest board.

Abetz, who was a minister of religion himself before becoming a MP in the Barnett Liberal government, said the decision of the Lotterywest board showed they did not understand their responsibilities.

“In a free society, persons should have the right to express their views freely, even if some members of the public consider those views archaic,” Abetz said in his letter to the Premier.

“We call on you as Premier to replace the Lotterywest Board with people who understand the legal and moral obligations of their role.”

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