Defy gravity in style at Air Yoga Perth

Air Yoga. Just saying it makes your fingers tingle at the prospect of that perfect Instagram post. But that’s not why I tackled the Beginners class at Air Yoga Perth… of course not.

Walking into the slick studio on Newcastle Street, I was warmly greeted by trainers Ash and Zac. With circus and gymnastic backgrounds – and the muscles to match – it’s clear these guys know a little something about being upside down.

As I’m signing in, I find myself distracted by the TV, featuring a shirtless Zac bound in circus silks and madly spinning in a ridiculous, gravity-defying pose. After picking up my jaw from the floor, I wonder if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. But no turning back now!

Once in the studio, your hammock is adjusted to the correct height for safety. At this point I am still a little nervous about entrusting my full body weight to a delicate piece of material, but we are reassured it supports up to two tonnes. I should be fine, right?

We begin with a series of strength moves based on exercises from Ash’s circus training days. There is focus on core, lats, shoulders and biceps. During the pull-ups, rows and L-sits, I realise this is not traditional yoga. I thought there would be candles, chanting and some stretches, but I was pleasantly surprised by the challenge.

Moving into flexibility, the hammocks provided a dynamic opening and relaxing of the hips, hamstrings and shoulders. The stretch sequence is specific but at a manageable pace, letting those who need more instruction and time get the full benefit of the class.

Finally, we get to inversions and suddenly, I’m upside down and legs in the air in the middle of Leederville. But this is what air yoga is all about! Finding a different perspective and letting go of fears.

I will admit, I felt well and truly out of my comfort zone when we locked ourselves into the straps and progressed into handstands and inverted stretching. But it gave me a whole new outlook on the world, which is something we all need sometimes. After dismounting with a rush of endorphins and adrenalin, I expected applause and an invitation to join Cirque du Soleil – but I’m still waiting on that.

The beginners yoga class is the perfect introduction to Air Yoga Perth. Not only is it necessary to take before a standard class, but it helps to build confidence. The class is taken slowly and offers the basics of the strength, stretching and inversion segments of a normal class. Perfect for someone who has not spent a lot of time hanging from a bit of material. With Zac’s reassurance, instruction and sense of humour, you are quickly able to let go of any fears of falling or getting stuck.

If you want to increase strength and flexibility in a non-intimidating environment, I would highly recommend you check Air Yoga out. Make the most of it and grab the unlimited introductory month to really get the hang of all the classes on offer. The trainers are incredible and you will be sweating, stretching and defying gravity in no time.

To see more of my inversion attempts follow me at @zacgowerofficial, or head to to book your session.

Zac Gower

Image:- Shot By Thom

Check out Zac’s Party Pump workout here.

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