DJ Autoplay shares a non-binary anthem ‘More Femme, More Masc’

Russell Ellington Langston Butler is a Black artist from Bermuda, living and working in New York City.

They’ve just put out a new tune called More Femme, More Masc under their DJ Autoplay guise. The house tune is an anthem for gender fluidity and being non-binary.

Butler’s works includes making music, live performances and special archiving projects. In 2021 they worked as a featured artist digitally archiving records from the collection of legendary house DJ Frankie Knuckles as part of a project.

The artist has moved to New York after many years of being based in the Oakland area of the San Francisco Bay. They described themselves as “non-binary, queer, black, immigrant.”

The new tune got its debut on music publication DJ’s Soundcloud account.

djmag · Premiere: DJ Autopay ‘More Femme, More Masc’

The track is lifted from an upcoming EP titled Bumpers which will be released via record label T4T LUV NRG, which was founded by Eris Drew and Octa Octa.

The track uses the same chords as Tracy Chapman’s classic song Fast Car. 

We’re adding this one to our high rotation list!

OIP Staff

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