Doctor Who star Ncuti Gatwa speaks about being queer

Incoming Doctor Who star Ncuti Gatwa has spoken about his experiences as a queer man for the first time.

Gatwa gained acclaimed for his portrayal of Eric Effiong, a gay teenager from an African background, in the popular series Sex Education, and has gone on to appear in Barbie and soon will take over as the newest incarnation of the Doctor in the long running BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who. 

Previously Gatwa has spoken about his desire to have a barrier between his personal life and his professional roles., but in a new interview with Elle magazine he’s spoken about being a queer man for the first time.

“I remember being at Manchester Pride, going through the streets with all my boys, shaking my cha-chas, living it up, when I saw this woman who looked exactly like my auntie,” he told Elle Magazine.

“She wasn’t – but I knew she was Rwandan … We were holding hands, and she said to me, ‘I don’t really know why I’m here. I’m just here.’ I told her, ‘Honey, you don’t need to know. You absolutely. Do not. Need. To. Know. You’re here. Be proud of who you are.’”

Then, reflecting on his own queerness for the first time publicly, he shared: “I had never met another queer Rwandan person before. I thought I was the only one in the world.”

Gatwa also shared his pleasure about playing Eric on Sex Education, the show’s fourth and final series is due to air soon.

“He’s so fierce and unashamed. It was healing for me, and great for people to see themselves represented. It taught me the importance of representation: it’s so powerful and necessary.” Gatwa said thanking screenwriter Laurie Nunn for creating the character.

Gatwa is expected to make his full debut as The Doctor in this year’s Christmas special. Before then David Tennent will return to the role for the show’s 60th anniversary specials. 

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