Dolly Diamond sings for marriage equality

Drag star Dolly Diamond is calling on Australians to vote YES in the marriage postal survey and has released a brand new tune encouraging people to fill out their survey forms and put them in the mail.

Re-purposing the classic tune Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps, Dolly sings you should select “Vote Yes, Vote Yes, Vote Yes” on the survey form.

“If you don’t fill the form out, we’ll all be brokenhearted.” Dolly sings.

Dolly’s been travelling the country taking part in marriage equality rallies and encouraging people to get involved in the campaign for marriage equality.

Diamond, the creation of musical theatre performer Michael Dalton, is one of Australian most acclaimed drag characters.

Dalton chatted to OUTinPerth a while back and said that his character Dolly Diamond first came to life many years ago when he was working in the United Kingdom.

“I was living in London and agent mate of mine said she had a gig coming up in Wales – in Cardiff – and asked if I’d be interested. I’d toyed with the idea of doing a character, and doing drag, for a while and then I thought, ‘Bugger it! Why not?’

“I went out and went shopping, I already had this black sequined suit, (very Liza), and I went out and got some shoes, which we probably only an inch off the ground (very sensible), and I did the gig and absolutely loved it.” Dalton said.

The career changing moment 15 years ago sent the performers career on a whole new trajectory.

Check out the video below.

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