Editors of Australia’s largest LGBTI publications discuss the marriage debate

Editors from Australia’s largest LGBTI publications have met up to discuss the current marriage equality debate, the Macklemore controversy, and whether or not sport has a place in political debates.

OUTinPerth’s Managing Editor Graeme Watson joined Matthew Wade from the Star Observer and Silke Bader of LOTL Magazine, on Melbourne radio station JOY FM’s regular Journo’s Corner segment on the Informer program.

Host Dean Arcuri asked Graeme Watson for his take on the Macklemore controversy.

“This whole thing of people being upset about Macklemore performing Same Love is just so unbelievable hypocritical and overblown.

“There’s one line in the song really which is talking about marriage equality, it is largely song about homophobia. It was number one it Australia for four weeks, it was one the charts for five months, it was on radios everywhere.

“How this is going to affect the current debate, by him getting on stage and singing it during the grand final performance, I’m flabbergasted.”

Matthew Wade from the Star Observer said the story was overblown.

“It’s just so obvious that a singer who is performing at the grand final would sing a repertoire of his biggest hits and Same Love is arguably one the biggest ones. There’s a lot of furore from conservative people over nothing.”

Head across to the JOY website to listen to the conversation. 

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