Electronic musician Nussy releases new tune ahead of Perth show

Electronic musician Nussy has released a new tune Lights Go Out ahead of a series of shows in Perth next weekend.

A personal track for Nussy, Lights Go Out has been described as an anxious flow of consciousness during a high tension conflict with a partner.

Lights Go Out is that total feeling of panic when you hurt someone you love and they just shut down in front of you. It’s that internal monologue, knowing you need to be honest but being scared of what impact that honesty is going to have on your relationship,” Nussy said.

The singer said she can be quiet dramatic when she gets in an argument.

“I can be quite loud and dramatic when I’m in the midst of an argument, I guess that’s my Italian heritage coming out, and for a long time I didn’t cope well when the person on the other side needed time and space; I just couldn’t understand it,” Nussy said.

Songwriting and creating music is one way that Nussy processes the world around her and makes sense of everything that is going on her life.

“It was basically my emotional escape from a fight with my partner. I had this great weight on my shoulders which I needed to let go,” Nussy said of writing the song.

“In my case, thankfully, we worked it out! We learned a lot about ourselves and about each other from a bad situation, and I think that’s important to remember and why this song has a really special meaning for me.”

The Melbourne based singer will be performing a secret show in Perth on 31st August, and will also be supporting Feels at their show at Mojo’s in Fremantle on 1st September.

Take a listen to the tune.

OIP Staff

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