Emma Corrin describes herself as queer in Instagram post

Actor Emma Corrin, who shot to fame portraying Princess Diana in the Netflix show The Crown,  has described herself as a “queer bride” in an Instagram post.

Corrin shared an image of herself wearing a bridal dress and veil with the caption “Ur fave queer bride,” promoting a shoot she did with the UK magazine Pop. 

The actor has not elaborated on the message, but it has led to fans asking if the statement is a coming out message.

Corrin delivered an acclaimed performance as Lady Diana Spencer in the most recent series of the show that tells an imagined story of the British Royal Family. The fourth series of the show followed Diana’s meeting with Prince Charles as a teenager through to the first turbulent years of their marriage.

Corrin however will not be back for the show’s next season as every two years the story has a time-jump and recasts all the roles. In the next season Australian Elizabeth Debicki will take over the role of Princess Diana. The new season will also see respected British actor Imelda Staunton play Queen Elizabeth, Jonathan Pryce play Prince Philip, and Lesley Manville portray Princess Margaret. Dominic West, star of The Wire and The Affair, will take over the role of Prince Charles.

Corrin’s next role is in the queer themed film My Policeman, which she’s appear in alongside Harry Styles.

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