‘Equal’ mini-series brings stories of LGBTIQ+ heroes to HBO Max

An upcoming docuseries from HBO Max dives into the real stories of key figures of the LGBTIQ+ rights movement in the US.

Equal is a four-part series that brings to light the lives of activists on the forefront of modern queer rights, from the end of the 1800s up until the 1970s.

Equal honours the rebels of yesteryear with never-before-seen archival footage along with stylistic depictions that bring to life the gripping and true backstories of these leaders and unsung heroes,” HBO Max revealed in a media statement.

“Viewers will meet a wide range of LGBTQ+ visionaries portrayed by the cast, many of whom identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Stories featured include Black transgender pioneer Lucy Hicks Anderson, trans celebrity of the 1950s Christine Jorgensen, A Raisin in the Sun author Lorraine Hannberry, Dr Martin Luther King advisor Bayard Rustin and Stonewall Riots legend Sylvia Rivera.

The star-studded cast brings Queer Eye for the Straight Guy culture guru Jai Rodriguez, Australia’s Keiynan Lonsdale, OINTB star Samira Wiley, Top Model alum Isis King, Sense8‘s Jamie Clayton, comedian Sam Pancake, Anthony Rapp and Cheyenne Jackson to the series.

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