Equality Tasmania release election survey results ahead of Saturday’s poll

Tasmanian will go to the polls on Saturday with Premier Peter Gutwein hoping he can lead the Liberals to a third term in government, while Labor leader Rebecca White has mounted a strong challenge that political analysts suggest could deliver a close result, and potentially victory.

Equality Tasmania has released the results of its 2021 Tasmanian election survey and forum to help inform LGBTIQ+ voters and their family and friends.

Spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said he was pleased with the overall results.

Our table combines the results of our written survey to candidates and their responses during our online election forum on April 22nd.”

“We are pleased with the responses to key law reform issues such as a ban on conversion practices, a ban on unecessary medical interventions on intersex children, and reform of the Coroner’s Act to ensure same-sex partners are recognised.”

“The Greens and Labor support these reforms and the Liberals either support change or are open to it.”

“We are particularly pleased that the Liberals have committed to not repealing or weakening the state’s landmark gender laws, despite their opposition to these laws when they were passed.”

“Regardless of which party, or parties, win Government, we are likely to see progress on key LGBTIQ+ law reform isuses.”

“In contrast, commitments from the major parties to adequate funding for LGBTIQ+ mental health and school inclusion could be stronger.”

“Labor says it will consult the LGBTIQ+ community about what funds are needed for inclusive schools and health services, and the Liberals provided some funding in these areas in their previous term, but stronger commitments are required to address the systemic prejudice, discrimination and exclusion LGBTIQ+ Tasmanians still face.”

“We welcome the Liberals commitment to an extra $20,000 for the state’s LGBTIQ+ community fund, but this falls short of the funding required to promote inclusion across the health and education systems.”

Croome said all parties have improved their positions since the last election.

“In previous elections the Liberals response to LGBTIQ+ election surveys was mostly ‘no’, so it’s pleasing to see greater convergence on LGBTIQ+ issues this election.”

“This gives me hope there is a political consensus emerging in Tasmania on LGBTIQ+ equity and inclusion, and that our rights will be less controversial and partisan in years to come.”

Another positive aspect of the election Croome recognised was the record number of LGBTIQ+ candidates.

“I count at least half a dozen out LGBTIQ+ candidates across Tasmania, which is a record.”

“I’m hopeful that as more LGBTIQ+ stand for, and are elected to, parliament, the more the institution will respond to the needs of our community.”

Three independent candidates in Clark, Jax Ewin, Sue Hickey and Kristie Johnstone, also responded to Equality Tasmania’s survey and participated in its forum.

They took a strong stand in support of LGBTIQ+ equity and inclusion, with positive commitments on all issues.

Take a look at the survey results, and watch Equality Tasmania’s recent election  forum.

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