Fred Nile to join Q&A panel for LGBT-centric episode

Fred-horzNational President of the Christian Democratic Party, Reverend Fred Nile, will feature as a panellist on an upcoming episode of ‘Q&A’ with a focus on queer issues.

“The Reverend was extended a written invitation by the senior producer of ‘Q&A’ to join the panel for a ‘special edition’, and without any hesitation the Reverend accepted”, according to a statement released from Nile’s office.

“The most important messages which the Reverend would like to send is that it’s crucial that those who defend their rights to traditional marriage and family are not made to feel that they’re discriminating in any way, nor are they being a bigot.”

Nile has a long history of opposition to the advancement of LBGTIQ rights in Australia, checking himself out of hospital to vote against legislation to protect homosexuals from discrimination in 1993. During an interview with the Sunday Morning Herald, The Reverend described homosexuality as “unnatural, immoral, unhealthy and sinful”.

Next week’s panel will also be comprised by LGBT rights activist Dennis Altman, out entertainer Paul Capsis and two as of yet undecided members.

“Whether we like it or not, he does represent people in the community who feel the same way; who are religious, homophobic, or outspoken about the fact they are against it” says Capsis of Nile’s presence, “He’s actually part of our community and our history. He should be there, in a way.”

A petition calling for Nile to be dumped from the program at has attracted almost 500 supporters within 24 hours.

Between a Frock and a Hard Place’ will air at 8:30pm on June 18th with the ‘Q&A’ special beginning 9:30pm.

OIP Staff

Watch Fred Nile’s previous appearance on ‘Q&A’ in 2013.  

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