French musician Pomme shares her first English language release

Pomme is the performance moniker of French artist Claire Pommet. Today’s she’s releasing her very first English language track. 

Very Bad comes in two formats, an album version and a soft version. The new release comes ahead of the singer’s first ever performances in the USA which are due to take place this December.

“Very Bad is a song that I wrote in 2021. It’s about being a woman, growing up, realising that when you’re a young woman you are a target for older men, and that it’s wrong. I wanted to speak about this in a funny way, in a lighter way.

The chilled out folk tinged tune sees Pomme singing sweetly against the sound of s strummed guitar, while the sounds of a gathering can be heard in the background. The lyrics however are sharp and biting.

A dedicated supporter of feminism, women’s rights and queer movements, Pomme released her third album Consolation earlier this year. Her debut album À peu près came out in 2018, and she followed that up with 2020’s Les Failles Cachées.

Whether she’s singer in English or French, Pomme sounds delightful.

OIP Staff

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