Get ready for ‘You’re So Brave’ a new play coming to The Blue Room

Georgi Ivers has turned her personal experiences into a new play which will open soon at The Blue Room Theatre in Northbridge.

You’re So Brave explores Georgi’s parallel experiences of being a young person in a chronically ill body, and witnessing a society be taken over by an increasingly oppressive government.

Living in Hong Kong from ages 20 to 22 and being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (arthritis) at 17, Fibromyalgia at 18 and Crohn’s Disease at 26, Georgi teleports between parallel universes of health and sickness, freedom and political upheaval, and immobility and athleticism – in a series of repetitive cycles of temporary stability, disruption and transition.

In a body and a world that sometimes seem to be tearing themselves apart, You’re So Brave stares uncertainty in the face – and decides to climb up a pole in 8-inch heels. When “rock bottom” becomes a predictable stop on our biological bus route, what do we do next?

Co-devised by performer Georgi Ivers (Beginning at the End [of Capitalism], BESIDE) and director Joe Paradise Lui (The Ugly, Salome) with movement mentorship from Michelle Hall (The Dirty Mother), You’re So Brave features Hong Kong-inspired neon lighting and a bamboo scaffold set designed by Adelaide
Harney and constructed by Aidan Bayliss, with sound artist Sze Tsang as composer and cultural consultant.

Get tickets to the show now via The Blue Room, season runs from Tuesday 18th October through to Saturday 29th October. 

OIP Staff

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