Gillard Says The Job Will be Easier for Next Woman

Julia GillardPrime Minister Julia Gillard said it was a great honour to be leader of the Labor party and highlighted her government’s achievements.

Following her loss of the leadership and Prime Minister-ship to Kevin Rudd, Ms Gillard announced that she would not be contesting her seat of Lawler in the next election. Ms Gillard said the combination of a minority government, and divisions within her own party had made it, “not an easy environment to work in.”

Australia’s first female Prime Minister said that her gender had been a focus of her time in the role and while it was not relevant to everything, neither was it relevant to nothing. Ms Gillard said it was up to the Australian people to have a sophisticated discussion on the “shades of grey” in between.

“It will be easier for the next woman, and the woman after that, and the woman after that,” said the Prime Minister.

Among the achievements of her government that Ms Gillard said she was proud of were health reform, the introduction of the carbon tax, disability care, education reforms and the introduction of the royal commission into sexual abuses in churches.

OIP Staff