Grand Love Stories: Janeen & Judy

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Having been together for 34 years and counting, Janeen and Judy have considerable expertise in what makes a long lasting relationship. The pair met in Milton Keynes, England, in August of 1979 and moved in together in December of that year, before relocating to Australia in 1990. The connection between them was immediate, Judy explained. “I was with somebody at the time…And I met Janeen and from day one it was like we should’ve been together and so almost immediately I told my partner that our relationship was over, even before really anything started with [Janeen and I].”

The couple adjusted well to Perth’s vibrant social scene, and performed comedy routines together at the sadly no longer existent Club West. “I’m Rita Rottweiler, the drag queen- pretending to be a male, pretending to be a drag queen.” Judy explained. Janeen often took on the male roles, at one stage impersonating comic persona Norman Gunston. The pair still perform at private functions and weddings. “Straight people love dirty drag.” Judy said.

When it comes to making a relationship last, their advice is simple. “Just be nice.” Janeen says. “Just do nice things for each other.” Their partnership is bolstered by small acts of kindness, frequent reminders of the importance of one to the other. “I make it a point that whenever Janeen cooks dinner for me, when I get up from the table I kiss her thank you for a meal. You must appreciate the things that your partner does for you. And if you don’t, they feel as though, why should they bother?” Judy said. “I never leave this house without kissing her goodbye. And when I come in I always kiss her hello. Because it shows that you’ve missed that person. And I don’t have to think about it, I just do it because I want to. We just fit. I reckon we must’ve known one another in another life.”

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