Hannah Conda vows to be a better BIPOC ally in the future

Former Perth drag star Hannah Conda has offered an apology for her previous comments and performances that have appropriated from other cultures.

In an Instagram video the performer said she was incredibly sorry for some of her past performances.

“With the changing landscape of our community and world at large, it is important that I as a leader stand up and be accountable for my past. I acknowledge that cultures are not costumes and I am ashamed that I ever participated in shows that appropriated Asian cultures and worn hair styles such as braids, dreads and Afro’s without understand the importance of these styles for members of the BIPOC community and I am forever sorry.

“I am sorry for adding to your hurt and trauma and I am sorry for perpetuating stereotypes of your cultures.

“I operated out of a place of ignorance and each day I strive to be a better ally. Through education via reading, conversations and self reflection I am working to make sure mistakes of the past are never made again. It is incredible important to me to utilise my platform for good and provide a safe and inclusive place for us all to thrive.” Hannah Conda said.

The statement was included with a video where the performer expanded upon her thoughts and made a commitment to be better in the future.


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Hannah Conda’s apology follows those from several other Perth drag stars including Scarlet Adams, Dean Misdale (formerly Feminem the Future), and Perri Prism (formerly Perri Oxide). Fresh apologies have also been issued by The Court Hotel and Connections Nightclub, as well as OUTinPerth.

A staple of the Perth drag scene for many years, Hannah Conda is now based in Sydney.

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