Relaunch OUTinPerth: We need your help

OUTinPerth Leigh Hill Graeme Watson

After fourteen years of bringing news and culture to WA’s LGBTIQ+ community, OUTinPerth was forced to stop the presses when the company that owned the magazine was shut down.

Now the team who created the magazine and online content are eager to return to being an independent Perth based LGBTIQ+ voice in the Australian media.

A GoFundMe crowdsource fundraising campaign has been launched today to relaunch OUTinPerth. 

Leigh Hill and Graeme Watson who served as OUTinPerth’s editorial team have obtained the rights to the publication.

We want to deliver content that is community focused and engaging, made locally from a Western Australian perspective.

It’s an incredibly important time to have LGBTIQ+ operated media as public debate over the marriage plebiscite, Safe Schools Coalition, federal election, PrEP treatment, sexual health and trans* and non-binary visibility feature daily across the news cycle.

We need your help to get back to work and continue to serve the local community.

Our vision for OUTinPerth’s relaunch is a greater dedication to local stories, culture and community groups.

We want to collaborate with local writers, photographers, artists and advocates to share unique local LGBTIQ+ experiences and knowledge.

We’re ready to put out the next edition but we need the equipment to do it. We’re asking for help to buy computers, cameras, software and web services that will allow us to generate the publication for years to come.

Over the last week we have been inundated with messages of support from the community and our allies and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Many people have asked how we can get OUTinPerth back on the streets – Together we can make it happen.

Head to the GoFundMe page to help relaunch OUTinPerth.

This post was originally published on Saturday May 7th 2016 at 18:00

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