‘Home and Away’ apologises for cutting lesbian kisses

Australian soap opera Home and Away has apologised after fans noticed that kisses between a same-sex couple on the show were being cut from the Australian broadcast.

Perth raised actor Zoe Ventoura joined the long running show last year playing new doctor in town Alex Neilson, her character quickly developed a close friendship with Summer Bay resident Willow Harris, played by Sarah Roberts. Their friendship quickly developed into a romantic relationship. Prior to the arrival of Dr Alex, Willow had featured in several hereosexual romance plotlines on the show.

Fans of the show noticed last year that when the show aired in New Zealand it was different to what went to air in Australia. In the Australian version moments of intimacy between the two were being cut.

In once scene after a discussion one character kisses the other on the cheek before heading to the bar to order some drinks, in the Australian broadcast the kiss never happened.

The ABC have reported on how several scenes differed, and how fans have reacted to the perceived censorship. The show’s producers have apologised for the error putting it down to a “human error” which saw a different edit being put to air.

Actor Daniel McPherson, who is married to Zoe Ventoura, took to social media to share his thoughts on the cuts.

“What a shame for viewers so excited to see themselves represented in a wonderful relationship on TV.” McPherson said in response to LGBTIQ+ fans of the show who were sharing their concern.

“Obviously for many reasons I’m closer to this than most so I’m just gonna say this : Thoughts tonight with fans of this show left feeling that the demonstration of their love or affection isn’t worthy of broadcast.” McPherson posted.

Home & Away has often been criticised for lacking representation of LGBTIQ+ people. While rival soap opera Neighbours has featured a male same-sex couple, a wedding and a transgender character, Home and Away has rarely featured queer characters.

In 2003 Rian McLean made a brief appearance as Christopher Fletcher. While a lesbian romance story line that aired in 2009 lead to a barrage of complaints to the network. Soon afterwards the characters embarked on heterosexual relationships.

In 2018 Darius Williams joined the show as gay student Ty, who appeared on the show for several months.

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