Howard: Marriage Equality is Nonsense

johnhowardYesterday former Prime Minister John Howard labeled marriage equality as “nonsense” and proclaimed that children are better off in heterosexual marriages.

The former Prime Minister has been on the Liberal’s campaign trail and shows no change in his position towards the marriage question.

Yesterday Mr Howard was campaigning in the seat of Hindmarsh in South Australia and visited a local shopping centre.

Mr Howard reportedly was asked if the Liberal party should have a conscience vote on the issue of marriage equality. Mr Howard responded that it was an issue for the party but added,

“But if you’re asking my view … I think this whole argument that it’s marriage equality is nonsense.”

Mr Howard said, “the best environment to raise children is in an ordinary, orthodox, heterosexual marriage”.

Mr Howard’s comments echo the position he held while he was Prime Minister, despite recent studies showing that children raised by same sex parents are no worse off then other children.

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