“I draw the line after LBGT” Marc Almond has no time for other labels

Singer Marc Almond has shared his thoughts on the different labels people use for gender and sexuality, saying he’s opposed to descriptions beyond gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.

The Soft Cell singer took to Twitter to share his thoughts but quickly deleted his posts when fans disagreed with his views and called him out on using labels while arguing against using labels.

“I’ve always wanted a world without labels, one big melting pot as Blue Mink said (sorry bad song) or People Are People as Depeche Mode said. Now I have over 100 to choose from. Sorry not paying that game.” Almond posted.

“I’m a bloke, male, someone who likes to explore a feminine side depending on how I feel, or what kind of show I’m doing, always have, as many from my Gen did. Didn’t need a label don’t want want one now.”

“I draw the line after LGBT as well. I won’t add all those extra things. I find it ridiculous and alienating NOT inclusive”. Almond said.

Fans quickly pointed out that the singer was labelling himself as a “bloke” and “male” while arguing against people using other words to describe themselves. Followers also asked him why he didn’t think intersex people and people who called themselves queer should be recognised as part of the LGBT acronym.

Almond went on to complain about unisex bathrooms.

“WOMEN now have to use a toilet where a MAN has pissed all over the seat. Heard so many complaining at venues. But people are scared to complain because of the righteous ‘I’m offended’ fascists.” Almond posted.

The singer then deleted all his posts and said “There I’ve made my point and got that out of my system. Just got rid of that rage. Don’t need to linger on that. Now I can go back to posting the mundane, best thing to do on here but glad so many felt as i do.”

Almond came to fame as the lead singer of 80’s electro duo Soft Cell who had a worldwide hit with the song Tainted Love, he has had a distinguished career as a solo performer.

OIP Staff