Innovative Brooklyn bar brings in drag delivery during COVID

An innovative bar in Brooklyn has found a clever way to keep drag culture alive as the city is wracked by Covid-19 shutdowns – they’ve introduced a drag delivery service.

Popular Williamsburg venue The Rosemont is usually filled with punters and drag shows are one of the attractions that draws in the crowds. The city has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and many of the drag queens have had to resort to streaming performances and alternative ways of making money.

The bar has found another way to work during the health crisis, they introduced a food and drink delivery service, and local performer Magenta tags along and performs a quick number at each destination.

“We thought about how we could bring a piece of the Rosemont to people and keep it safe at the same time,” Bar Manager Kelly Gorman told Eater New York. “We wanted to make it fun and unique.”

The team make it to around five drop-offs each night, and have a simple menu of drinks plus either hotdogs or noodles. We’re wondering how our local drag performers would go with delivery drag….

Get to know Magenta by following her Instagram.

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