An Introduction to IDAHOBIT Day

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May 17th marks IDAHOBIT Day, the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersex-phobia and Transphobia.

IDAHOBIT Day marks a time for the community to take heed of the dire consequences that prejudice and discrimination can have on the LGBTI population.

On May 17th in 1990, the Word Health Organisation officially declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder. On the same date in 2004, an international day of action was brought into being, known then as IDAHO Day. Since its inception, the day has evolved to include the experiences of those who are attracted to multiple genders, those with non binary genders, those with trans experience and whose gender identity or sexuality is fluid.

IDAHOBIT Day is an opportunity to reflect on not only the cultural implications of phobia, prejudice and discrimination, but also the detrimental social and health effects that occur.

A suitable way to observe IDAHOBIT Day could be to attend a protest, participate in LGBTI activities or volunteer organisations. You can also participate in IDAHOBIT Day by educating yourself on issues that effect the LGBTI community. The National LGBTI Health Alliance has an Inclusive Language Guide that provides guidelines that can assist you in discussing gender related issues. You can read it here.

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