It’s love, death and Elvis in ‘Spaghetti From Graceland’ at Harbour Theatre

It’s time to go nuts again – in the Elvis-themed Spaghetti From Graceland at Harbour Theatre, a sequel to last year’s Confetti From Graceland featuring the Nutz family.

Written by Noel O’Neill and directed by Sue Hasey for Maverick Productions, the comedy is set two years later following Elvis’ death and the dramatic wedding of Vince Nutz’s daughter.

The annual Elvis birthday celebration has become a wake but Vince’s wife is still nagging him, his parents remain out of control and his daughter learns the hard way about marriage and in-laws.

At the same time, Vince’s accountant remains determined to find ways to sharpen his pencil.

“The humour of the script is the main appeal,” Sue said. “As always with Noel’s plays, you can feel the characters and empathise with the situations they are in.

“In a world where we’re not sure what we can laugh about, throwing ourselves back into these previous years where families got together, told bad jokes, insulted each other with love and spent time without phones or distractions is what appeals to audiences of Noel’s plays.

“Listening to these characters allows you to laugh because that’s how it was back then.

“But it doesn’t mean we haven’t evolved – it shows what we’ve evolved from and gives the audience permission to lighten up and laugh about it.”

Acting, modelling and dancing professionally in Canada before migrating to Australia, Sue has performed locally since 2011 with Rockingham, Playlovers, Stirling, Harbour and Old Mill Theatres, Murray Music and Drama Club, Maverick Productions and Koorliny Arts Centre.

She has also appeared in the Canadian film Agnes of God and Australian films The Magic Dustbin and Three Summers.

Last year, she directed The Sunshine Boys which scored a Finley Award nomination for best set.

“I approach directing slightly differently to other directors I have worked with,” Sue said.

“I watch as an audience member, rather than a director, for the first few rehearsals and let the actors feel their way.

“That method may be confusing for some actors but I believe it gives them confidence and the knowledge that I want to hear their ideas.”

Spaghetti From Graceland plays at Harbour Theatre, Mosman Park on March 4, 5, 9, 11, 12, 16, 18 and 19 with 2pm matinees March 6, 13 and 20. For more info head to or call TAZTix on 9255 3336.

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