Just.Equal calls on Labor to reject the Religious Discrimination bill


Just.Equal Australia has launched a new campaign targeted at federal Labor politicians which calls on them to protect anti-discrimination laws by opposing the Religious Discrimination Bill.

Spokesperson for Just.Equal, Brian Greig, said Labor needs to hear from vulnerable communities who were deeply alarmed that it might abandon them by supporting the extreme Religious Discrimination Bill.

“Labor has said it doesn’t want existing discrimination protections weakened, but those who will be impacted by loss of protections want to make sure Labor keeps this commitment.”

“The Religious Discrimination Bill may have been sent off to an inquiry, but we need to keep the pressure up on Labor to vote this Bill down. For as long as Labor doesn’t say a clear and unequivocal NO to this Bill the debate will drag on.”

“This Bill is the biggest attack on anti-discriminations laws in Australia’s history. It overrides federal and state anti-discrimination laws and allows humiliating and demeaning comments done in the name of religion.”

“The Bill could allow discrimination, not just against LGBTIQ+ students and teachers, but anyone working for a faith-based hospital or charity and who falls foul of traditional religious dogma.”

“Those who will suffer loss of existing rights under the Religious Discrimination Bill are women, people with disabilities, LGBTIQ+ people, those from minority faiths and anyone who is the target of religious stigma.”

Brian Greig said it was vitally important politicians hear from people in the community.

“Labor has to hear the message that the Federal Bill diminishes discrimination protections significantly, that these protections are largely a Labor legacy and that Australia is a fairer and more inclusive country because of these protections.”

“I urge anyone adversely affected by the proposed removal of existing anti-discrimination protections to send an email through our new campaign webform. When they do, the email will go to all federal Labor members and Senators.”

“Sending an email will send a clear message to Labor that it must not support a Bill that gives special privilege to some people to discriminate against others in the name of religious belief,” Mr Greig said.

Meanwhile, Just.Equal has welcomed an inquiry into the Religious Discrimination Bill by the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights.

Greig said, “Just.Equal Australia will encourage submissions from all the different communities whose rights will be eroded in an effort to expose the dangers of this Bill.”

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