New petition calls for a LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner

Just.Equal Australia has launched a new petition calling for an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner.

The Senate will debate the issue when it returns in September.

President of Just.Equal Australia, Brian Greig, urged LGBTIQA+ people and their allies to sign.

“This may be the best chance we have during this term of Government to show that we support a Commissioner dedicated to upholding LGBTIQA+ human rights.”

“Currently, the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has dedicated commissioners for Sex, Age, Race, Disability, Children, Human Rights and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social justice.”

“There is no dedicated commissioner to advocate for LGBTIQA+ human rights despite the growing attacks against our us, our families and communities.”

“The absence of an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner sends the message that discrimination against us is less important than discrimination against others.”

Australian Greens’ LGBTIQA+ spokesperson, Stephen Bates MP, proposed a LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner during recent debate in the House of Representatives on a government bill about appointing commissioners.

That proposal failed but it will put again in the Senate when it convenes next month.

The petition can be found here.

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