Kenyan report claims homosexuality starts in primary schools

A government report in Kenyan that was seeking to investigate the reasons why there were wide spread riots in high schools in 2016 has concluded that homosexuality and “devil worshiping” were to blame.

After visiting 97 different schools and interviewing students, teachers and principals, the investigators have concluded that the perpetrators of the outbreaks of vandalism and violence came from “dysfunctional families” and homosexuality was one of the main causes of unrest.

Of the 703 students interviewed for the report, 48 apparently, told investigators that devil worshiping was occurring in the nation’s high schools.

Previously it had been suggested that over zealous school administrators and poor training of teachers might have been the diving factors of the unrest, but the new report has suggested some alternative reasons.

The report that was recently presented to Kenya’s Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i suggested that social groups of students should be examined and warned that homosexual relationships began in the nation’s primary schools.

Local news outlets have reported that student who are lesbians “are absent-minded, lack concentration in class and are very secretive.” It also suggests that they may be buying bananas and test tubes to “use” in their rooms.

The report suggests that there should be concern about girls who have funny haircuts, act like men, hold other girls hands or are constantly seen with the same friend.

It also suggests that boys who don’t like being around girls, or act in a feminine manner are probably gay. Boys who are in possession of condoms should also be suspected of homosexuality according to the report.

Suspicion was also cast on boys who wear sagging trousers and boys who are shy, as well as boys who are very friendly.

Cartoons, including Hey Arnold, banned for promoting the homosexual agenda

The Kenyan film board banned several children’s programs this week for promoting homosexuality. Among the programs no longer allowed to be seen are Loud House, The Legend of Korra and Hey Arnold from Nickelodeon as well as Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe and Adventure Time.

The Film Classification Board said most people were unaware that the programs were “laced with retrogressive and bizarre messages intended to promote the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender agenda.”

Homosexuality is illegal in the African nation and those found guilty can be punished with jail sentences ranging from 14 to 21 years.

A 2007 survey by the Pew Global Attitudes Report found that Kenya was one of the world’s fifth harshest nation in terms of public acceptance of LGBT people, with 96% of residents being strongly opposed to homosexuality.

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