LGBTIQA+ publishers enter a new era thanks to Minderoo Foundation

OUTinPerth is one of many small and independent publishers to benefit from new funding from Google via commercial deals negotiated by Andrew Forrest’s philanthropic Minderoo Foundation.

With permission from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Minderoo’s Frontier Technology initiative coordinated negotiations between Google and twenty four independent publishers around Australia. The agreement comes after the introduction of the federal government’s news media bargaining code.

Frontier Technology Senior Policy Adviser Emma McDonald said the agreement is a landmark in independent journalism.

“We’re delighted Google recognises the value these publishers deliver to their communities,” McDonald said.

“This deal has been negotiated in good faith over the past six months, culminating in a landmark agreement for independent journalism.

“These publishers are working hard to produce important public interest journalism, including in rural and outer urban areas, and with multicultural and LGBTQI+ communities.

“Without them, the news they publish would often not be reported, and the Australian public would lose an important service.”

The agreement comes after the introduction of the Australian government’s news media bargaining code. Google’s Head of ANZ News Partnerships Shilpa Jhunjhunwala said the company had worked with the Minderoo Foundation to “identify a broad set of solutions for a diverse group of publishers.”

“These agreements will mean we have reached more than 60 individual commercial partnerships for News Showcase, representing more than 180 individual Australian media outlets.

“These offerings cover a range of content and digital transformation initiatives, tailored to the publication.”

Alongside OUTinPerth the new agreement also covers Australia’s other leading LGBTIQA+ publishers Star Observer and QNews, as well as many other valuable news services including Australian Jewish News, Perth is OK, Time Out, Arts Hub, Cosmos Magazine, The Music and ProBono Australia.

OUTinPerth co-editor and co-owner Graeme Watson said the publication was looking forward to working with Google to take LGBTIQA+ publishing in Australia to the next level.

“This is a significant milestone in queer publishing in Australia and it’s been great to work with our colleagues at QNews and Star Observer, as well as the outstanding team at Minderoo Foundation,” Watson said.

“As OUTinPerth enters its third decade, we look forward to collaborating with Google to transform and show innovation in public interest journalism and community building within the LGBTIQA+ communities.”

Fellow co-editor and co-owner Leigh Andrew Hill adds that the recent election headlines showed just how important it is to make sure queer voices are heard when our lives are the focus of legislation and political campaigns.

“There’s no doubt LGBTQIA+ rights have improved since OUTinPerth kicked off in 2002, but there’s still so much work to be done and it’s fantastic that Google are helping keep platforms like QNews, Star Observer and ourselves up and running.”

“We can’t wait to get to get to work and find new ways to uplift and amplify LGBTQIA+ voices, and make sure the west coast as well as rural and regional WA have a seat at the table!”

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