Local artist Lo shares intimate 5-track EP ‘Shy Panic’

Laying her cards on the table, Perth songstress Lo has revealed her latest EP Shy Panic.

The “sad girl” soundtrack draws you in from start to finish with her profound storytelling and infectious pop-hazed stylings front and centre.

Featuring releases Giver, Lover, Pet, Tapped Out and GTY, Lo pairs vulnerability with glossy tones throughout the 5-track EP.

The retrospective release chronicles Lo moving through complex facets of her emotions, touching on themes of anxiety, shame and heartache.

“I’ve come to realise I don’t emotionally deal with things at the time and it sometimes takes years to actually understand the impact of a painful event. So I suppose this EP is a culmination of shit that has piled up and I’m singing about it.”

Sonically, the writing process was inspired by her developed guitar sound, before being brought to life in the studio. Lo says, “The whole EP was basically built around a Gretsch baritone guitar I bought and the fantastic idea to dredge up some past trauma!”

Shy Panic is out now.

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