Local band The Tommyhawks to ‘hang up their hats’


Perth band The Tommyhawks are calling it quits and as they put it “hanging up their hats”.

In a post to social media the band listed their achievements of the last 7 years which included over 30 festivals; 10+ adventures east; 3 EPs, 1 album, 568 roadside wees, 1 chainsaw threat, 89 showers in the Virgin Lounge; 43 pashes with Frankie’s Pizza by the Slice staff, 76 shared van beds; 32 servo seafood platters; 2 onstage electrocutions and 1 near-death flight

“But as they say, all your cells renew every 7 years so we’re claiming that’s a thing and moving in different directions. Your support and love has enabled us to have the most insane experiences in the most amazing places and venues and memorable gigs that we will treasure forever.” the band said in a message to their fans.

During their career they’ve opened for Courtney Love, and supported the Delta Riggs, Jebediah, Dallas Frasca, and Spiderbait.

Their album Underground Raptor was released in 2019. They previously released several EPs including We’re All Meat And We’re Gonna Get Eat, Hurling Sticks and Stones, and This Is Not a Desert Island.  

The band have just two more shows before they depart in different directions, they’ll be playing at Fremantle’s The Aardvark this Saturday alongside Rachael Rose, Triangle Fight, The Macho Men and TASHI. Then they’ll be appearing at Ignition Mountain Bike Festival in Falls Creek in November.

The Tommyhawks comprises Addison Axe, Thea Woodward, Jess Harris and Ness Thornton. Axe and Thornton are also members of Axe Girl, while Thornton is additionally a member of Jebediah.

OIP Staff

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