Local filmmakers bare it all in ‘Marrow’

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Queer Aussie filmmakers Daniel Monks and Stevie Cruz-Martin have just released their latest short, ‘Marrow’, in honour of International Day of Disability.

‘Marrow’ stars creator Daniel Monks, who has a physical disability of his own, stripping for the camera. Daniel┬ásays his intention is to challenge preconceptions of people with disabilities.

“Disabled bodies are so often either deemed unattractive or asexual in our media culture, which idolises physical perfection and encourages us as individuals to pursue those ideals, especially within the gay community,” Daniel said.

“We felt showing a disabled body in this hyper-sexualised manner, with all it’s perceived imperfections on full display, was an almost revolutionary act, and one that we hope challenges audience’s preconceptions.”

Daniel says he and Stevie hope that creating this film will show viewers the shame one can carry when they hide their percieved flaws in order to make themselves more desirable.

“Only through embracing all of the parts of himself is the protagonist able to find peace and have a true connections with the viewer,” Daniel continues.

“It’s also comment on our contant need to be attractive and desirable to others, especially in gay culture; as opposed to concerning ourselves with making real human connections, which are only possible through being all of ourselves, flaws and all.”

Daniel and Stevie currently have a full-length feature, ‘Pulse’, in the post-production stage. ‘Pulse’ follows a gay disabled teenage boy who transforms into a beautiful woman to feel loved.

Watch the short film ‘Marrow’ below.

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