Looking for something to watch on the Easter break?

Looking for something new to watch over the Easter break?

We’ve checked out a whole bunch of shows across different services that you might want to check out. From the return of much loved series, to budding romance, true life tales and our favourite comedians, and classic queer TV series – there’s heaps to choose from.

Gentleman Jack

Suranne Jones is back at lesbian icon Anne Lister in the second season of Gentleman Jack.

The show is based on the true story of nineteenth century landowner Anne Lister, who definitely lived as she wanted and had multiple romances and affairs with other women.

Lister left behind massive volumes of diaries, which were largely written in code to stop people discovering her same-sex escapades. It took years for researchers to unlock her secret code, which revealed all her secrets. Lister is recognised as a lesbian pioneer, fighting against societal norms and gender roles.

The second season of the show in available on Foxtel.   



The fifth season of popular Spanish show Elite has just arrived on Netflix. Set at the fictional Las Encina high school, poorer scholarship student’s lives intersect with the lived of their richer upper crust classmates.

The show has taken the audience on a journey through murders, deception sexual awakenings, gay love, love triangles and teenage rebellion. Season 5 is seen as a return to form and sees Patrick (Manu Ríos) having a very flirtatious relationship with new guy Ivan (André Lamoglia).

If you’re a fan catch the latest season, and if you’re new to the show you can watch all five seasons. Check it out on Netflix.

Four Lives

The first episode of this powerful four part series has just arrived on SBS and can be streamed online.

It follows the lives of four young men in London whose lives come to an unexpected end after interacting with Stephen Port. The true-life account follows the young men’s friends and families and the inept and bungled police investigation that fails to link the multiple unexplained deaths together.

Sherdian Smith is brilliant as Sarah Sak, the mother of Anthony Walgate, the first young man to go missing and be discovered dead sitting outside council flats in Barking, North London. Stephan Merchant plays Stephen Port, taking on a role very different to his usual lighthearted comedy parts.

Watch this great series on SBS.

Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils 

Jodie Whittaker has only two more outings in the role of the Doctor, before she regenerates ending her for years with the series.

Doctor Who: Legends of the Sea Devils will arrive very early on Monday morning on ABC iView, and will see the return of classic monster The Sea Devils, who last appeared on the program in 1984. Fans are also wondering what’s going to happen with the relationship between the doctor and travelling companion Yaz.

The New Year’s special gave some hints that Yaz’s feeling for the doctor have moved beyond friendship. Writers for the show have confirmed the subject of romance does come up again, in between fighting pirates and an awoken primordial race of reptilian sea dwellers.

Catch up with the latest adventures in time and space on the ABC iView platform.   

Catherine Tate: Hard Cell

In the new comedy series Hard Cell Catherine Tate plays six different characters. The series takes place in a British prison where inept Governor Laura Willis is charge, and the ragamuffin bunch of prisoners run rings around her and the other staff. 

While Tate’s performance as Laura rings true, the other characters she plays are increasingly annoying as the series continues. The other actors whoever and superb and bring this comical prison to life. This would have been so much better if there was a lot less Catherine Tate.

Find it on Netflix.

First Day

The second series of First Day is available on ABC iView with transgender actor and activist Evie Macdonald back in the leading role.

This new series will follow Hannah in her second year at Hillview High as she sets out to change the culture at the school, and finds it’s only through working together that meaningful change can be achieved.

First Dates – Australia 

Head over to 10Play to catch up on First Dates Australia. There are some adorable same-sex dates in the show that will melt your heart.

Plus a few interactions where you’ll be left either amused or traumatised by how bad some people are at dating. No wonder some of these people have been single for a long time. It’s a fun show to watch that doesn’t take up a lot of your brain power.

Queer as Folk 

It’s a few months until the brand new version of Queer as Folk arrives on Stan, but you can check out the original British series that got everyone talking over 20 years ago. This show was so controversial it didn’t even air in Australia on free to air television.

Back at the turn of the century copies of the show were passed around the local queer community and people held screenings in their homes for all their friends to see the show everyone was talking about. When the US version arrived, it was appointment viewing Monday nights on SBS.

Head to Stan to follow the adventures of Nathan, Vince and Stuart. And yes, that blonde haired hormone filled 15 year-old really did grow up to be Jax the head of the biker gang on Sons of Anarchy.

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