‘Love Australia or Leave’ is the nation’s newest political party

Kim Vuga

‘Love Australia or Leave’ is Australia’s newly registered political party.

The new party, which is headed by TV identity Kim Vuga, focuses on an anti immigration platform and has just been approved by the Australian Electoral Commission.

The ARC has also approved the party’s official logo which is an outline of Australia with the word FULL written within.

Vuga came to national attention when she appeared on the SBS TV show Go Back to Where You Came From.

The fledgling party has published its policy in relation to marriage equality stating that it supports a plebiscite being held on the issue.

“The decision of same sex marriage should not be made by the Australian politicians and should be a vote by the people for the people. The decision of same sex marriage should also be up to the church leaders and institution.” reads the party’s policy statement.

The party also claims it supports the gay and lesbian community who they see as being under threat from the Islamic community.

“Many people outside the Gay and Lesbian community are unaware of the overwhelming and growing concern for the security of Gay and Lesbian Australians regarding Sharia Law and social pressures from the Islamic community.

“Love Australia or Leave Party will stand by the Gay and Lesbian community on issues of safety and the right to exist without fear of persecution and nor will we deny their liberties.”

OIP Staff

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