Malaysia: PM Razak says ‘no need’ for Pride parade


Prime Minister Najib Razak has declared there is ‘no need’ to host a gay Pride parade in Malaysia, amidst international moves towards ending LGBTIQ discrimination.

The PM has said the festival may disrupt the ‘moderate’ nature of Malaysia’s Islamic beliefs, suggesting a Pride celebration would be incompatible.

“Islam does not promote violence and teaches us moderation. It is not extreme not is it too open”, PM Razak told constituents at a fast-breaking celebration in Kuala Lumpur, “There is no need for events like a gay parade because it is too open”.

Prime Minister Razak also spoke non-specifically of ‘deviant cultures’ creeping into Malay society.

Homosexual activity is against Malaysian law, with punishments including whipping, cash fines and jail time.

OiP Staff

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