Margaret Court says Australia “will pay” for allowing gay marriage

Former tennis champion, the Reverend Margaret Court has declared she’ll be going crab fishing rather than attending this year’s Australian Open.

Speaking to News Corp Reverend Court warned that Australia had made a mistake by voting in favour of marriage equality.

During the marriage debate some tennis players had threatened to boycott the game because the venue is named after the former grand slam champion turned religious leader.

The Australian Open will start on January 10th, the day after most gay couples can conducted the first wedding ceremonies.

Today Reverend Court said she would not be attending the competition but any players who boycotted the event simply because it was being held at Margaret Court Arena were being petty and childish.

“I think that is petty if they do that and it says what’s in their heart,” Reverend Court said.

“I think that’s very childish — but that’s not up to me and it doesn’t affect me.”

Reverend Court said people who brought her tennis achievements into criticism of her stance on gay marriage should be ashamed of themselves.

The religious leader was adamant however in opposition to marriage equality warning that Australia “will pay” for the decision to allow same-sex couples to wed.

“I think there will be a price to pay for it in the future in the nation and people will see it’s not about marriage,” she said.

“There will be a genderless generation.” Reverend Court declared.

The head of the Australian Christian Lobby has praised Reverend Court’s latest comments saying Australia needed more women like Margaret Court.

“This woman is so courageous & has paid a high price for speaking up. We need more like her.” ACL boss Lyle Shelton posted to Twitter.

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