May is ‘Radio Love Month’ at community station RTRFM 92.1

Local community radio station RTRFM is calling on its listeners and supporters to donate throughout May and show their love for the station during Radio Love Month.

RTRFM is a not-for-profit independent radio station which is funded by a community of listeners through subscriptions and donations.

Radio Love Month is described as a chance for people to show their love and allow the station’s volunteers to continue producing high-quality music and talks programming year-round.

This month RTRFM are asking 1000 listeners to show us some love by donating at in May, whatever you can afford, whether it’s $5, $31, or even $92, it all helps to keep the love flowing.

By donating you are helping the station continue its support of local music, arts and cultural content across the 48 shows broadcast 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

For 42 years RTRFM, The Sound Alternative, has been the home of local, Western Australian music that strives to be a counterpoint to other radio stations by promoting local, independent artists, musicians, performers and businesses across metropolitan Perth.

The people you hear on RTRFM love the music and ideas they share with you, and they love the concept of a community radio station where all sorts of voices can be heard. A lot of love goes into making the shows you hear on RTRFM; they’re a labour of love by many volunteers.

If you love the music and ideas you hear, and you love the fact that independent community radio exists, show them  some love by donating at in May, whatever you can afford, even $5 will help keep the love flowing.

RTRFM is a registered charity, which means you can claim a tax deduction on any donation you make before the upcoming end of financial year.

The OUTinPerth team volunteer time at RTRFM helping to produce the weekly LGBTIQ+ focussed program All Things Queer.

You can also hear Leigh Andrew Hill and Graeme Watson presenting other programs on the station. Leigh shares his love of indie-pop on Snooze Button, while Graeme delves into psych-folk and electronica on Golden Apples of the Sun. 

Head over to the RTRFM site now and sign up to be a supporter. 

OIP Staff

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