Melanie Martinez teases ‘Portals’ with new single ‘Death’

Melanie Martinez is back from the dead with new song Death, the first track from her otherworldly upcoming album Portals due March 31.

The song was first teased via a 12-second clip on streaming platforms, which launched alongside a trailer revealing the rebirth of fan-favourite character Cry Baby and quickly sparked a frenzy of theories from superfans.

Martinez lifted the curtain on Portals last month with an instantly viral TikTok video, with teasers now reaching 115 million views across social.

The cryptic clips confirmed the death of her alter-ego Cry Baby, last seen considering whether to walk into the light at the beguiling conclusion of 2019’s full-length film, K-12.

Further teasing has been led by top fan pages around the world receiving a white chocolate “egg” in the mail to hatch, each containing a separate flash drive with an audio snippet of an untitled track off the forthcoming album. Fans have since leaked the tracks, fuelling fan excitement.

Death is out now.

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