Michael Kirby to speak at Curtin University Human Rights Conference

Former High Court judge Michael Kirby is among the high profile speakers who’ll be taking part in an upcoming human rights conference at Curtin University.

Activating Human Rights: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status, the Australian Ally Network Conference will take place Curtin University from 27-28 September.

Appearing at the conference alongside Michael Kirby will be Intersex activist and researcher Morgan Carpenter, Victoria’s Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality, Ro Allen and Labor’s Shadow Minister for Equality Terri Butler.

Curtin University’s Dr Baden Offord, who is Director of the Centre for Human Rights, will be appearing, as will Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli from Deakin University, and Associate Professor Wendy Cumming-Potvin from Murdoch University’s School of Education. Curtin University’s Associate Professor Sam Winter, a respected researcher in the realm of public health, will also take part.

Nick Lawrence, the chairperson of Transfok WA, disability and queer rights activist Jax Jacki Brown, radio host and researcher Misty Farquhar, and Braden Hill from Murdoch University’s Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre are also confirmed speakers for the event.

The call for papers to be presented at the conference closes on 13th May. Papers are welcomes from all interested people including academics, professional staff, activists, students, industry, and others.

This can include updates on projects, policies and practices; theoretical and/or applied research; creative and/or artistic explorations, creative artifacts, interactive Q&A, workshops, or short screenings with discussion.

Presentation should match correspond with the theme of the conference and a list of suggested topics is available on the conference website.

Individual paper presentations are 20 mins long. Applicants are asked to  submit an abstract including Title, Name, Organisation, Email, Abstract (250 words), Bio (100 words).

Collaborative panels proposals are also welcome. Panels need to include 3-4 papers. In addition to submitting a 250 word abstract for each presenter, please submit an abstract (100 words) and a title (15 words max.) for the panel as a whole. Please indicate lead panel contact person, and include a short bio of each person on the panel.

Submission must be sent via email.

OIP Staff