Miriam Margolyes joins Rake

Miriam Margolyes

Popular TV show Rake has just started filming a new series, queer favourite Miriam Margolyes is joining the cast.

Richard Roxburugh is back on board in the lead role playing Cleaver Greene, while Matt Day, Danielle McCormack and Russell Dykstra have signed back on too. Dykstra just finished playing the warthog Pumba in the Lion King.

There‚Äôs no word yet on what Margolyes part will entail. Previously the actress featured in the ABC program ‘The Miss Fisher Mysteries’ but she’s best known for her role as Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter films.

The actress was in Perth earlier this year delivering her engaging one woman show ,which we thought was a mountain of fun.

Rake is expected to be on the ABC in 2016.



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