More Brands Show Support for Marriage Equality

This weekend’s edition of ‘The Weekend Australian Magazine’ features a new advertisement with 154 businesses showing their support for marriage equality.

Two weeks since a full page advertisement showed corporate Australia’s support for LGBTIQ couples and families the level of support has trippled.

AMF brandsNotable new corporations new to the campaign organised by Australian Marriage Equality include corporate giants McDonalds and Seek, as well as online businesses like Airbnb and Twitter.

All have signed a letter of support calling for marriage equality to be legislated by the Australian Parliament.

National director of Australian Marriage Equality, Rodney Croome welcomed the increased support and said it showed that the country was ready for marriage equality.

“The extraordinary outpouring of support for marriage equality by so many businesses reflects strong support in the community and increases pressure on parliament to act.

“The Australian business sector backs marriage equality because it is a reform that is critical to workplace equity, to Australia’s international reputation and competitiveness, to jobs in the wedding sector and to social inclusion.

“The message is clear: the country is ready for change.” Mr Croome said in a statement.

Australian Marriage Equality encourages all Australian businesses to declare their support by visiting

The Australian Christian Lobby has warned corporations upporting same sex marriage to think carefully about the cosequences of suporting the movement.

Lyle Shelton, Executive Director of the ACL has said that business risk marginalising Christian staff and consumers who supported the “timeless definition of marriage”.

“These businesses are free to do what they like with their money but have they thought through the consequences of redefining marriage?” Mr Shelton said.

“By entering this divisive political campaign these businesses risk alienating millions of staff and customers who for religious and cultural reasons will never accept same-sex marriage.” Mr Shelton said.

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