Morrisey is a Humasexual

morrissey autobiography 2Morrissey, the lead singer of the acclaimed band The Smiths and respected singer songwriter has hit back at suggestions he is a homosexual declaring that he is in fact a humasexual.

The singer has never confirmed his sexuality and despite writing many songs which fans took as being ode’s to gay love, he has always shied away from being labeled.

Last week saw the release of the singer’s autobiography which describes a whirlwind relationship in the early 90’s with a man named Jake Own Walters. It was the singers first relationship. The singer also writes about his lack of interest in girls as a teenager.

Following media reports that he was acknowledging his homosexuality the singer has released clarifying statement.

“Unfortunately, I am not homosexual. In technical fact, I am humasexual. I am attracted to humans. But, of course … not many”

For those keeping up with the game of alphabet soup, this means we will now be referring to the queer community as LGBTIQQOPAH.

Steven Morrissey first came to prominence as the lead singer of alternative rock band The Smith’s, who have been described as the most important alternative British rock band of the 80’s. Following the bands break up he launched a successful solo career.

Morrissey – Autobiography has just been released by Penguin Classics.


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