Need something to read? How about ‘Filigrane’?


by YL Wigman

Bella Books

“Kreyna Katz stilled herself in a single breath and thinned her energy to assume the full white state. To the casual observer, she appeared slightly out of focus, air surrounding her shimmering like a heat haze.” Kreyna was in an interrogation room of the Rotterdam Seaport Police and she “altered her essential frequency and moved within the room, an unseen thought form.”

It was 1995 and twenty-five year old Kreyna was helping Belgian Police investigate drug connections in senior law enforcement officers. Her task was to use her telepathic skills to mind-scan suspects from a remote location to determine if they were lying as part of a test for her future job with ASIO.

Unfortunately her work colleague was also her ex-boyfriend. Robert Varazslo could be charmingly persuasive but most of the time he was an invasive and violent bully. Kreyna was meant to be highly intuitive but she showed a frustrating lack of judgement and even personal protection when it came to Robert.

In her first novel, Yvonne Wigman’s interests in astrology and spirituality come to the fore as she pushes the boundaries of paranormal phenomena. She also spices it up with a bubbling sexual attraction between Kreyna and the wife of a diplomat living in Canberra.

The dramatic thriller jumps back to 1986 and then forward to 2009 while events from 1944 echo in the background. Kreyna has to deal with bad choices in this lifetime and the reader is left to work out which people in her life are reincarnations from previous times, and whether she’ll eventually sort out her love life.

Lezly Herbert


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