Neo-Nazi who called for “gay purge” jailed for 7 years

British man Andrew Dymock has been jailed for seven years, with an additional three years on extended licence, after he was found guilty of 15 different offences relating to his time as the leader of two outlawed groups.

The 24-year-old from Bath lead the outlawed groups System Resistance Network (SRN) and Sonnenkrieg Division.

At his trial in June the court heard that he used the SRN website and a Twitter account to state that Jewish people should be exterminated. He also called for a race war, and advocated that gay people should be “purged” from society.

Dymock was arrested in 2018 when he tried to board a flight to the USA. In his luggage police found extreme right-wing literature, alongside clothing bearing neo-Nazi logos.

Sentencing Dymock to a term of imprisonment, Judge Mark Dennis QC said Dymock was a well-read young man from a close family, but it was clear he had made a decision in life to inflame vile prejudices.

“Despite all the advantages of a good education and family upbringing you chose, at the age of 20, to take the path of dreadful bigotry, intolerance and hatred towards other members of our society solely on the basis of their race, creed or sexual orientation.” the judge said.

“In setting up and running the website and Twitter account for your extremist cause, you were prepared to inflame such vile prejudices in others and to promote and encourage hatred and violence towards other human beings in furtherance of your distorted and wicked cause.”

After he was arrested Dymock claimed that he had been set up by a former girlfriend who had failed at recruiting him to a banned terrorist group. Dymock told police he could not be involved in spreading no-Nazi messages, because he himself was bisexual.

“In fact, I am bisexual but lean towards being homosexual, in direct conflict with Nazism.” he told police when interviewed.

His charges included encouraging terrorism, fundraising for terrorism, disseminating terrorist publications, possessing terrorist documents, stirring up racial hatred, and hatred based on sexual orientation, and possessing racially inflammatory material.

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