Netflix’s new show gets serious about dating in the modern age

Dating Around is a new show from Netflix that looks into the modern world of dating. The concept is really simple; a candidate heads out on five blind dates with potential partners, and at the end they have to select one to invite on a second date.

The way the show is filmed though, means we get to see all five dates roll out at the same time.  Because all the dates are filmed in the same location, we quickly cut from one aspiring partner to the next. The first series of the show is filmed in New York and among the six episodes there’s a great deal of variety among the couples.

We meet ladies man Luke who’s ready to settle down, fiercely independent Gurki, and Leonard an older man who is returning to dating after his wife passed away. We also get to meet some same sex couples.

Firstly there’s an episode featuring Production Designer Lex who heads out on dates with Cory, Mic, Jonathan, Brad and Peter. While in another episode Mila heads out to meet Charlotte, Ashley, Nina, Christina and Jarry.

We simultaneously follow the dates though drinks, dinner and  a late night desert and a taxi ride home. Afterwards there’s the suspense of seeing who gets invited out for a second date.

While the concept sounds like a game show concept, the series is beautifully filmed, comes with a killer soundtrack and is tightly edited to make the most of the date conversations. The outcomes though are unpredictable and will keep you watching to the very end of each episode.

Lex Liang recently spoke to Time about his experience of being in the show and said as an gay Asian man he never thought he’d end up on a dating show.

“Why would you want me on a dating show? I’m not a football player virgin,” he said.

Netflix also recently brought the participants together to find out if any of their seconds dates would evolves to a third date. But don’t watch it until you’ve seen the series.

Dating Around is on Netflix now.   

OIP Staff