New Inclusive Strategy For Aged Care



Elderly members of the LGBTIQ community can breathe a sigh of relief, with the new National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy promising to take steps to ensure equality amongst aged care services.

The strategy will act as a support for the Living Long Living Better program – a government package that is plunging $3.7 billion into an aged care reform that will ensure elderly people stay home longer.

According to Chairperson for GLBTI Retirement Association Inc. (GRAI) Dr Jude Comfort, the inclusivity of the LGBT community in the reform has been ten years in the making. ‘There has been quite a concerted effort… we know that the aged health care is less than optimum’.

For those in the latter years of their life that are feeling prejudice, Comfort emphasised how the changes will reduce mental health problems, ‘there is going to be more visibility on the issue… Aged care providers didn’t really know where we were coming from’.

Some of the changes outlined include:

•              ‘Delivering on a $2.5 million commitment to provide LGBTI sensitivity training for the aged care workforce.

•              Reviewing the National Aged Care Advocacy Program (NACAP) guidelines to include an emphasis on promoting and maximising access to advocacy for LGBTI people.

•              Ensuring that the Aged Care Complaints Scheme addresses LGBTI inclusion in its public and internal materials aimed at consumers and industry.

•              Seeking opportunities to recognise and promote excellence in LGBTI aged care initiatives, activities and programs.

•              Helping to ensure all government funded aged care providers develop policies and organisational processes to address discrimination and prejudice, and promote inclusion of LGBTI people, carers and staff within a best practice framework.’

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