New music from Craig Armstrong, Pop Levi and HAAi

Take some time to listen to Pop Levi

Pop Levi has been making great music for years, as a solo artist, and in bands including Ladytron and Super Numeri. His latest offering is something distinctly different from his usual psychedelic sounds.

Invisible Music which is available via Bandcamp and iTunes, has four songs, each tune is around an hour long. The incredibly beautiful tracks are trance inducing, with repetitive motifs and gradually building overlaying sounds. This is music to listen to in a quiet spot and give it your full attention, dive in and get lost in the magic.

HAAi delivers a captivating new song. 

Electronic music producer, DJ and singer HAAi – aka Teneil Throssell – has released a brand new single The Sun Made For A Soft Landing.

Throssell was previously part of Australia psyche-shoegaze trio Dark Bells. She moved from Melbourne to London and begun making music which is definitely more in the electronic field.

This song combines so many different elements. It starts with a subtle ambient sound but gradually adds more and more layers of glitch, and swirling melodies, before it breaks into a golden beat driven dance tune. So many different sounds are happening concurrently, and it transforms and morphs several times over it’s four and half minutes.

Totally loving this one.

Craig Armstrong’s Nocturnes: Music for 2 Pianos is stunning

Craig Armstrong has composed countless film scores and provides lush strings to the works of Massive Attack, Madonna, U2 and Tina Turner.

Over the decades the prolific composer has also released many solo works, and his latest release is a stunner. Nocturnes: Music for Two Pianos features 14 compositions ranging in length from just over a minute to five minutes, and it’s just Armstrong along at his piano.

They are stark, mellow compositions filled with melancholy, sparking contemplation and reflection. While Armstrong may have first come to prominence via trip-hop and chill sounds, this collection is really truly very chilled.

Graeme Watson

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