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Perth born songstress Toby is at home for a cherished moment with her new family before she sets off on a world tour to promote her latest album ‘Nobody Told Me’

Are you excited to launch your new album at home? Yeah I am! I’m really excited. It’s good because I haven’t done a big band thing for about four years now, this show has a 10 piece band, it’s always sort of ‘the more the merrier’ on stage for me.

What were some of your inspirations for this record? Well, the old love thing is always there. It’s funny, I usually bring out a record every two years or so and I was having this major drought in song writing, I think probably because I was happy. It’s an interesting album because there is more happiness. There are other peoples’ stories as well – one of our main songs is about a friends’ father passing away and his first ever child being born that same week – there’s more storytelling in a way.

Do you have plans to spend much time in Perth, now that you’re home? I don’t actually! I never do. Last year we were in Europe for four months and my wife Amy was pregnant throughout that time. We came up with the fabulous idea of getting pregnant and going on tour, which probably wasn’t the smartest idea we’ve had, but she handled it amazingly. We had 50 shows across 8 countries and she dealt with it really well considering she was also tour manager. We slipped in a honeymoon in Italy during that time too. Of course, in November our son Angus was born, so he’s coming on his first European tour in March!

That’s exciting! Yeah we’re also really nervous actually, but more than anything we’re just hoping there are no disasters. Please be good, Angus!

Will you be stopping by at Fair Day this year? Yeah, we’re playing a show! It’s our first Fair Day as well, so I’m really excited about that. You’ve got to get amongst it all! What I loved about it last year was that it was so family oriented, which was really lovely. We’re excited to take Angus along to his first Pride celebration.

You can catch Toby at Fair Day, February 16 in Hyde Park and her ‘Nobody Told Me’ album launch on February 21 at Fremantle Arts Centre. Tickets available from

Leigh Hill

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