Parliament of Angola votes to decriminalise homosexuality

The West African nation of Angola has become the first country in 2019 to decriminalise homosexuality.

The move comes as part of sweeping reforms to Angola’s criminal code, removing laws against sex between people of the same gender as well as providing protections of LGBTI+ people in the workplace.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a statement welcoming the improvements for LGBTI+ Angolans. Though there have been no recorded convictions under the outgoing law, HRW say LGBTI+ people were vulnerable under the old code.

“Angola has finally shed the divisive ‘vices against nature’ provision in its law. In casting aside this archaic and insidious relic of the colonial past, Angola has eschewed discrimination and embraced equality,” the statement read.

“The 69 other countries around the world that still criminalise consensual same-sex conduct should follow its lead.”

The changes were overwhelmingly passed through parliament, with only seven of 155 MPs abstaining from the vote and one MP voting against.

OIP Staff

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